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A clear Success Plan to take you from a kinda-stressed Seeker to a vibrant Visionary


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Ready to bring your vision for an aligned, intuitive, empowered, healthy, profitable business to life — like, right now — but don't know where to start?

In the North Node, we marry strategy, mindset, and mysticism work to help you go from a head-scratching Seeker with a dream to an embodied, confident Visionary changing their world. 

We'll introduce you to other incredible teachers, mentors, and experts — the best and the brightest in their respective fields — and give you well-rounded guidance on what works when it comes to intuitive business. 

Sound good?

the key is the North Node success plan

It's like popping  "intuitive, visionary leader" as the destination on your Waze app, minus the death-defying unprotected left-hand turns. (We would never!) 

We created this framework — complete with milestones, lessons, and specialized content — to fill all the learning gaps for intuitive entrepreneurs and leaders.

Because here's the thing: there's no MBA is Intuitive Business. (yet!)

So we built this curriculum to cover all the disparate aspects of intuitive entrepreneurship and leadership, and to bring them together in a way that felt organic, generative, and tbh, hella invigorating.

Mysticism, intuition, and conscious business practices fit together beautifully. They inform each other, and how we as leaders show up

When you join, you'll get access to our library of content: 

  • Spell Casting CFO — Money Magic Masterclass with Michelle Pellizzon ($299 value) 
  • Human Design for Business Success with Shaadi Oreyzi ($99 value)
  • Past Life Regression Hypnosis with Aimee Bello ($99 value)
  • Money as Medicine: Money, Value, Pricing Yourself with Pilar Lesko ($99 value)
  • Understanding Shadow Aspects Through Human Design with Amanda Green + Shaadi Oreyzi ($99 value)
  • Candle Magic with Kaitlyn Watsabaugh of Hija Del Sol Tarot ($99 value)
  • Empathy and Vulnerability with Penda N'daiye of I'm Pro Hoe ($99 value)
  • SEO WORKSHOP, a 90-minute workshop with the ins and outs of SEO strategy ($99 value
  • How to Use the Akashic Records for Life, Love, and Purpose ($199 value)
  • How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Site Using Pinterest ($199 value) 
  • Content Batching and Planetary Hours Training ($199 value) 

Imagine having a thriving intuitive business with supportive collaborators and fellow intuitives ...without the overwhelm 

Whether your vision is to finally launch your project into the work or to finally take your business into the six-figure range so you can help even more people with your success, the North Node Success Plan and community is there to help you. 

here's a glimpse into your future...

🔮 You're surrounded and supported by a diverse, inspiring, connected group of likeminded intuitive leaders

🔮  You expand your reach, impact, and revenue beyond your wildest dreams 

🔮  You know exactly what you need to do next because you've got a proven Success Plan to follow 

Not only is all of this possible, we’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.


Registration opens 

June 2021