Important question for intuitive, squiggly-brained genius creators who, despite hours, weeks, months, years of long nights spent hunched over their laptop still don’t have a sustainable, healthy, thriving biz...


What’s the biggest difference between a dialed and delightful magical business that offers you freedom, abundance, ease, and pleasure…


and one that you ugly cry about in the shower, you waste too many sleepless nights kvetching over, makes you break out into a stinky anxiety sweat when you even think about checking your bank balance, has you believing that you’re somehow “blocked”?

[don’t worry, you’re not blocked… more on that later]

If you guessed years of experience in corporate America or a high-powered tech startup, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed possessing intuitive gifts and psychic powers that would make the Oracle of Delphi jealous… you’d be wrong.

If you guessed going on a 2-week private ayahuasca journey with your personal shaman in Peru once a year to get “energetically clear,” and starting every morning with an hour long meditation session… you’d be wrong.

If you guessed spending tens of thousands of dollars on coaching mastermind programs, investing in quarterly business retreats with internet experts, … you’d *still* be wrong 🙃


While all these steps might have their place, they’re only part of the equation.


And unless you’ve blended your intuitive gifts (we all have ‘em), self-knowledge practice, practical business know-how, and personal magical into a bubbling metaphorical cauldron…

The impact and income you’re working tirelessly to create and scale will at best come at the expense of your cortisol levels…

and at worst, erupt into a fiery dumpster fire as you flirt with unrelenting burnout and eventually throw your hands up in the air as you announce, “THIS DOING YOUR SACRED WORK STUFF IS BULLSHIT!” and resign yourself to a decidedly less magical life.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already set out on your intuitive entrepreneurship quest.

You’ve downloaded endless inspirational “girlboss” podcasts, filled up dozens of journals with automatic writing and brilliant intuitive ideas and plans, added a few leadership books to your Bookshop cart, registered up for way too many free webinars, and wrote a recurring "DAILY MEDITATION PRACTICE" event into your Google Calendar in some attempt to get yourself to stick to the plan.

So why do you still find yourself sinking into the couch with anxiety and exhaustion as your iPhone blinks 11:47p while you try to decide what “needle moving task” on your infinite to-do list you should tackle next by pulling a tarot card that just reveals NOTHING and just leaves you whispering “what the f*ck” to yourself as you fall down a doom spiral of your mind’s own making?


Just typing that makes me want to revert to my goblin girl ways and never see the light of day again.

I remember so vividly sitting on MY shitty IKEA couch in my studio apartment, feeling like I was going absolutely nuts trying to balance the business advice and strategy I’d learned (which often left me feeling determined, but rigid and uninspired) while also listening to my intuition (which often left me feeling crystalline clear, but boundless and untethered to reality).

Most nights I felt like I was channeling the SJP vehicle “Failure to Launch.”

My business wasn’t successful and I wasn’t being myself — the skeptical, intelligent, magical lil’ witch I am. I felt like I was wasting my life.

Can you relate?

The secret to building a wildly magical, delightful intuitive and creative business that supports your Sacred Work...

Let’s be real: You don’t need (or necessarily want) to put on a Zara power suit to raise hundreds of millions from venture capitalists to get your business off the ground and fulfill your vision. 

And you don’t need to totally eschew all things business, numbers, and money to remain in flow intuitively when it comes to your work and your Sacred Work.

You just want to work on YOUR thing, have freedom to blend your intuitive tools (tarot cards? Akashic Records? Astrology? Human Design? Witchcraft? Stregheria? Herbs? Straight up vibes???) with the stuff you need to know to build a work life that feels nourishing and supportive and jump-out-of-bed-in-the-morning EXCITING to you.

Not me, not Hermione, YOU.

And at this point in your life, you feel like you’ve earned the right to not have to justify what your intuition is telling you to do at work, take Fridays off without feeling like the world will cave in around you and your biz will fail, and spoil yourself with a salary that goes beyond covering the bare-budget necessities. (Unlimited book budget, bestie 📚)

Doing your Sacred Work and running an intuitive business YOUR way shouldn’t be this mystical unicorn fart dream of a thing. “I’m so lost” or “I just don’t know how to make this happen” or “I guess I can’t do it the way I want to,” shouldn’t be the most frequent spells you utter.

And once-a-week manic midnight re-org plans scratched into your journal should be replaced with clink-worthy financial wins, celebratory Monday (Moonday, duh) clarity, and daily “damn, I love my life” whispered blessings.

Sounds good, right? And you know you deserve that reality … so why aren’t you there?

Even with the best intentions, most would-be intuitive entrepreneurs end up abandoning the work.

The work of starting their own thing. The work of embodying your Sacred Work, your raison d’etre. The work of fully being yourself in a world that tells you you’re too weird, too scatterbrained, too witchy, too loud, too quiet, too big, too femme, too aggressive, too stubborn, too difficult, too right brained, too squiggly, too “all over the place,” too much of a dreamer, too naive to create the work and business and life you dream of.

No wonder overwhelm, exhaustion, and doubt creep in — "is what I want even possible?"

Quit beating yourself up for being lost, overwhelmed, and ready to give up. It's not your fault. 

Without a super-clear, step-by-step plan, a community of peers and advisors to lean on, and ample educational resources at their fingertips, most people get completely lost in how much there is to do.

They fall victim to the beliefs that it's just too complicated, they're just not worth it, and that they'll never be able to be THAT type of person — the type of person who uses intuition to live their life, do their work, and to guide and lead others. (But that's a lie...)

Or they get caught in “Seeker” mode forever, on an infinite loop of research and “learning” without ever metabolizing and implementing the teachings they’ve sought out…

The good news is that this is arguably the best time in ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY to create a thriving, intuitive, soul-shining business

If you made it this far, you already know that it’s possible.

But maybe you didn’t know that by following the 5-Step Intuitive Entrepreneur Archetype Journey I’m about to share with you, you’ll also:

  • Learn more about yourself and your soul’s work using tools like astrology, Human Design, the Akashic Records, tarot, shadow work, and of course, archetypes
  • Understand how to work with your energy and brain style (squiggly? linear) so you stop fighting yourself through each workday
  • Quickly ideate, validate, and even pre-sell products and services that make your soul smile BEFORE you spend the time and cashola creating and marketing them
  • Attract next-level peers and collaborators to build your business alongside (working with friends is FUN, let me tell ya!)
  • Become a magnet for the types of clients and community members who really SEE you and appreciate your gifts, talents, and perspectives
  • Enjoy a boost in revenue just by listening in to what your community whispers into the ether
  • Possess a powerful, unbreakable connection to your intuition that means you really, truly, never experience more than a 4 seconds of doubt in yourself ever again (mean it)

Yeah dude, this is totally within your reach — even if you’re starting with just a seed of an idea, or an idea of an idea.

But getting here DOES depend on having the correct foundational knowledge and ongoing implementation support.

You know, the practical, magical stuff that helps you quantum leap while also dodging those sharp shiny objects that constantly rip a hole in your hard-earned momentum.

The stuff that’s been the secret weapon of thousands of intuitive entrepreneurs over the last three years who’ve built five-, six-, and seven-figure businesses without a Kardashian glam squad-sized team of marketing pros and tech gurus to help them.

And what you’ll excitedly point back to in a few months from now when you login to your banking portal and see that damn, your energetic money minimum has been RAISED! 🙌


If that sounds… really good, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to our FULLY REVAMPED signature intuitive business building system...


  • Confidently grow your intuitive business™ with the support of a community of hundreds of intuitive entrepreneurs.
  • Use the Akashic Records, your personal ancestral practices, astrology, magic, and Human Design to make aligned, empowered choices in your work.
  • Create equitable, intuitive work that supports and resources YOU, your family, and your entire community.

Not only is all of this possible, we've created the solution to help you collapse your timeline and get there 10x faster.




Be the first to know when space opens in the North Node 


An online membership hub complete with everything you need to connect, grow, learn, and evolve into the intuitive leader you're ready to become

The North Node is everything you need to:

• Build your community in an intuitive, empowered, effective way 

• Apply powerful business growth ideas and frameworks through a mystical, intuitive lens

• Uplevel your work in every way — from the practical stuff like money and revenue to the spiritual aspects like aligned purpose and intuitive innovation 

Here’s what you get when you join the North Node


 the north node success plan

Like popping "intuitive, visionary leader" as the destination on your Waze app, minus the death-defying unprotected left-hand turns. (We would never do that to you)

Think of it as your intuitive entrepreneurship roadmap. At each stop, you'll get milestones, lessons, and guidance to help you find clarity and mastery so you feel prepared and excited to step into the next era of your journey.

If you're someone who *loves* clear instructions but *also* likes freedom, the North Node Success Plan is a happy medium. It helps you get on your way without getting in your way.  

• A clear overview of your path from Seeker to Visionary 

• Four stages to pass at each archetype: Assess, Learn, Initiation, Integration

• Additional bonus content that supports each stage of your journey


access to our hogwarts-meets-business school library

The moment you join the North Node you get access to *everything* in the library. 

Follow the Success Plan, enjoy the content a la carte at your own pace, or connect with our team for suggestions on what to tackle first — everything in the North Node was created to help you move towards your vision. 

You'll get over 205 hours of trainings on:

  •  intuitive business™ topics like spellcasting with copywriting, passive traffic tips for explosive growth, pricing your services, sales and compensation, and launching using aligned social media methods
  • masterclasses with intuitive, mystics, and practitioners on topics like candle magic, past life regression, the Akashic Records, Human Design, astrology, Conjure, Shadow Work, and archetype study.
  • Plus 60+ Notion worksheets, templates, swipe guides, challenges, and reading lists for type-A overachievers 🤓


1:1 coaching opportunities 

Self-guided learning is a godsend for us busy folks, but sometimes you need to "phone-an-expert" for guidance. 

  • Michelle Pellizzon, HWIC at Holisticism, hosts 1:1 30-minute Uncrossing Coaching Calls with North Node members who submit questions. 
  • Experts in Astrology, Human Design, Tarot, and more host 1:1 readings with North Node members every quarter 
  • All sessions are included in your monthly membership — no extra charges or fees, ever


intentional, intuitive lessons delivered every month

Always learning. Every quarter we focus on a new theme and deliver content that you can instantly apply to your intuitive business and life to help would-be visionaries take a straight-shot towards their destinies. And help them see results *fast*. 

Every quarter you receive:

✨ A new Holisticism course that’s available to North Node-only

✨ A themed challenges or activation to help you implement what you learn in North Node into your work with group accountability   

✨Guest workshops, panels, and conversations with industry leaders

✨ Proven swipe files, templates, and guides that you can use in your own intuitive business


soulful community connections

We believe in community collaboration over competition.

In the North Node, you'll be in connection with hundreds of intuitive entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

 ✨ Share your experiences, get feedback, and connect with members on our private Mighty Networks forum 

Partner with likeminded intuitive entrepreneurs to mutually grow your own business 

Get access to the greater Holisticism community (100k people) with our COMMUNITY TEACHES program


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



When you join, you'll get monthly core content that includes:

  • A clear Success Plan to take you from a kinda-stressed Seeker to a vibrant Visionary.
  • Full, instant access to the entire North Node library 
  • New modules delivered monthly 
  • Complete access to our content vault in the North Node — over 200 hours of lessons, masterclasses, and workshops on everything from monetizing your email list to Past Life Regression
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching opportunities with our Uncrossing Calls and guest practitioners
  • Invitation to join our secret North Node community group 
  • Price locked in and will never increase 
  • Exclusive member benefits & discounts on all Holisticism events, workshops, and courses (thousands of dollars of value)  



When you join, you'll get monthly core content that includes:

  • A clear Success Plan to take you from a kinda-stressed Seeker to a vibrant Visionary.
  • Full, instant access to the entire North Node library 
  • New modules delivered monthly 
  • Complete access to our content vault in the North Node — over 200 hours of lessons, masterclasses, and workshops on everything from monetizing your email list to Past Life Regression
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching opportunities with our Uncrossing Calls and guest practitioners
  • Invitation to join our secret North Node community group 
  • Price locked in and will never increase 
  • Exclusive member benefits & discounts on all Holisticism events, workshops, and courses (thousands of dollars of value)  

You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee

By joining The North Node you're making a 12-month commitment to the membership and community. 

I want you to have complete and total confidence in *anything* you invest in — especially when you choose to invest in yourself.  If you sign up and after 30 days you don't feel totally confident that the North Node is valuable to you, simply reach out to us, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment. 

If you would like to cancel before your 12-month commitment window is up, there is a cancellation fee of $99.


The North Node is the intuitive incubator of my dreams — what I wish I'd had when I started working for myself.

I firmly believe that you already have everything that you need. You've got all the answers. AND I know that working in community, in a safe space with open, intelligent, intuitive people, helps us grow faster than we could ever imagine. 

When I close my eyes and think about my vision for the future, I see powerful creators and Visionaries who have all the tools and support that they need to bring their dreams to life. 

The North Node is my moonshot to making that happen. I want to do everything in my power to offer you the resources, education, community, and coaching you need to bring your unique vision of a better world into fruition.  

NGL, we're looking for a very specific type of person to join the North Node.


• You're about to birth your brilliant idea into the world, and you want to do it with intention, intuition, and inspiration

• OR you're ready to take what you're already working on and jettison it to the next level with intention, implementation, and a lil' bit of magic 

• You're willing to put in the work and keep showing up for yourself, even when the going gets tough

• You're already reading, studying, and researching intuition, activism, mysticism, consciousness, and leadership ideas on your own — but so much of your time is spent trying to find the 'right' resources and experts to trust

• You believe in finding alternative, more creative, authentic ways to operate in the world beyond what's expected of you — and that it's possible to do so and thrive 

• You're ready to experience powerful shifts in your life — in your heart, in your mind, in your home, and in your bank account. (Because, hi, everything is connected) 

• If you believe creating a better world is possible, and that by working on yourself you can shift the Universe closer to that reality